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Canine First Aid and Emergencies Presentation

 Dr. Emily Moren DVM ( Black Cat Dobermans) will be discussing what constitutes an emergency and what can wait, first aid for emergencies and injuries, first aid supplies, and information on bloat including the laparoscopic version of the bloat surgery. Dobermans are the primary focus of this presentation, but people with other breeds would also benefit from the information. You do not need to be a member to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Starts at 6:00 pm
Village Inn Restaurant at Bridgeport
17070 SW 72nd Ave

Tigard, OR 97223

Important Info Regarding Obedience/Rally/Agility Trials Friday, Feb. 3

We can’t thank you enough for your support but now we are the victims of our own success with unexpectedly large entries in all the Friday events for Obedience, Rally and Agility.
dashsitThe Obedience/Rally trial filled and will need to start with First Dogs in both rings at 7:30am. The club wanted to get sits and downs done in the quietest part of the morning. Please plan on being ringside and checked in by 7:15 so we can have the briefing and walk thru done before the first dog steps into the ring at 7:30.
Please read the judging assignments if you are in the obedience/rally trial. Class assignments had to be altered from what was originally published in the premium.
The Agility trial will start at 11:30 am instead of its usual time to be teegandone at a decent hour. Here is the running order for all agility competitor’s.
We understand that obedience and rally exhibitors will be impacted even after the trial committee made every adjustment possible by selecting a judging order that uses the quiet before agility for sits and downs and best handles the resulting run conflicts that potentially could happen with this new change. Both trial committee assures me that for those folks who are in all the Friday events, conflicts between the three rings will be accommodated as efficiently as possible.
Again, we can’t thank you enough for your rousing support of the MHDPC all breed events and look forward to letting you know what the club comes up for future trials!

Fundraisers and Games at Nov Agility Trials

GamesMt. Hood Doberman Pinscher show in Ridgefield on Nov. 18-20. If you have already entered, great !!! We’ll see you there. If you haven’t, you still have time to snail mail or enter online at (Closes Friday, Nov 4)  The website gives the option to store your information online to create a PDF entry for mail in (totally free), or to use a credit card and enter instantly for a small fee.

The show is continuing it’s tradition of some great prizes of beds for the High Dobermans, chairs for High in Trial, and High in Group ribbons.

The club is also planning on some fun and games Friday and Satruday evenings (recall games and barrel racing).

Hospitality will be great as always, and we’ve been assured by the facility that the surface will be soft and compact without the pebbles!!
As some of you might know, Mike Dellorto’s Doberman ‘Tex’ died suddenly in the ring at last years show. As tragic and upsetting as that event was for Mike and others at the show, we wanted to make sure that folks know some good has come from it.
After that event, Mike (and others) made it a personal mission to help find a test and cure for a disorder that affects many large breed dogs. Through donations and other efforts, they have raised several thousand dollars for research. Some fruits of that research have already been seen in new genetic testing options for the disorder.
More work obviously remains, which is why this agility trial will support those fundraising efforts with its Annual Fundraiser Raffle to benefit the Doberman Pinscher Health Fund.. The club is offering a BIG raffle at the show with almost 50 items valued at over $75 each. Items like one and two day entries to many local trials, private lessons by great local trainers, dogs services (chiropractor, massage or acupuncture), workshop & seminar gift certificates, homemade quilts, dog jumps, gift cards. This is a great chance to win some great stuff while helping keep all of our dogs thriving and healthy.
We hope to see all of you there !

April Meeting – Rally Demo

rallypracticeApril 20, 2016

WetDog Wellness Center
Just west of the Stark St exit off I205
432 SE 91 Ave
Portland OR
6:30 pm


Come join us for a rally workshop hosted by member Paula Ratoza at her new training facility. After learning and practicing basic behaviors needed for a Novice Rally title, Paula will introduce you to the most common and the most thought provoking stations you will encounter in the Novice Rally ring.You’ll get a chance to walk and familiarize yourself with a typical course used in competition before trying it with your dog. Paula will give each member tips that will help them avoid the most common mistakes handlers encounter during competition.paula2

Paula, owner of Baebea’s Dog Training, has earned multiple HIT’s and High Combined in both obedience and rally with Baebea, the most AKC titled Doberman in multipled disciplines, Baebea’s offspring, and BaeBea’s granddaughter, DashDash.

The training workshop will start at 6:30pm. After the workshop, Mount Hood Doberman Pinscher Club will host pizza from Stark Street Pizza Company. Members will bring or provide your own drinks