DPCA Working Aptitude Evaluation


We invite you attend our 2021 Working Aptitude Evaluation to be held

Friday, June18 , with evaluator Eve Auch

What to Expect

The Working Aptitude Evaluation was developed to give breeders and owners a consistent method to assess the temperament of their dogs. The AKC Standard for the Doberman Pinscher states (in part) the temperament of a Doberman is:

Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient.

The WAE measures the Doberman’s working ability by assessing the dog’s reactions, obedience and recovery as the dog is subjected to specific and sometimes unexpected situations. These situations include friendly and neutral strangers, loud and startling noises, something that surprises the dog, unfamiliar footing and a stranger that is very unfriendly.

At the end of the evaluations, the club will host a get-together and seminar. Our evaluator will talk about the WAE and you will have an opportunity to discuss the test and ask questions. The club will provide food and refreshments.

Mt Hood DPC WAE 2021 informational flyer


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