Welcome and Thank You for your interest in meeting your fellow Doberman enthusiasts in the Mt Hood Doberman Pinscher Club

  • MHDPC sponsors competitive events in conformation, agility, nose work, obedience, and rally and are investigating expanding into other types of events that showcase the remarkable versatility of the Doberman Pinscher.
  • MHDPC organizes “Health Days” twice a year to make health testing for diseases and conditions pertinent to the Doberman more easily available to our members and their dogs.
  • MHDPC has an ongoing education program of bringing in speakers and clinicians to demonstrate and/or discuss areas of interest to Doberman enthusiasts. Some examples include:

          Canine First Aid            Rehab for an injured dog           

          Breeding basics            DCM -heart disease  

          Rally clinic                        Agility clinic

          Barn hunt clinic            Nose work clinic                           

          Canine insurance        Structure and performance clinic           


          Hosted the Doberman Diversity Project presentation

  • MHDPC provides a friendly helpful environment to members and potential members to get together to discuss issues and learn from each other. Our general meetings are held on the third Wednesday of most months in the greater Portland area. Changes to the meetings appear in our newsletter on our Facebook page, on our website, and are sent in email to members.
  • MHDPC also publishes a monthly newsletter that includes upcoming events, minutes from our meetings, brags from members, educational articles and more.
  • Additionally, we have a Facebook page: Mt Hood Doberman Pinscher Club

We welcome you to join us at a club meeting or to attend any of our many events and meet our friendly Doberman enthusiasts.

For the love of Dobermans,

Members of Mount Hood Doberman Pinscher Club


Zoom meeting Wednesday February 15 at 7:30 pm.


Please RSVP to MHDPC Secretary, Martha Machuca. 


Learn about membership

Membership Application

MHDPC Constitution and Bylaws




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